Criteria for Awarding Grants

The Nightingale Fund now exists to give financial support for course fees only to nurses, midwives and community public health nurses who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). It also supports health care assistants. It considers applications from all the mentioned groups of registrants living and working across the UK who are undertaking further education and training to enhance their nursing practice.

The Nightingale Fund has limited resources and is unable to award the full cost of a course and applicants are strongly advised to apply to other sources of funding as well. Please note that the fund is unable to support the following courses: return to practice, access to nursing or conversion.

Applicants generally learn of the Fund from the Royal College of Nursing and other websites and from their tutors and colleagues.

Each year the Fund is able to help around 30 nurses, healthcare assistants, midwives and public health nurses with their course fees. The grants it is able to award support the applicants to enhance their day to day patient care and help them to meet their personal career aspirations. The Fund adheres to a strict anti-discriminatory policy and the amount awarded is considered by the Council on an individual basis.

The Council meets 3 times a year in March (16th January), July (15th May) and November (19th September). The closing date for applications is given in brackets. All applicants are interviewed either by telephone or in person.

A candidate can apply for a grant from The Nightingale Fund by completing the application form and returning it to the Honorary Secretary with a current CV and two references. The Notes on Application form provides more details and should be read before applying.

No personal cheques are issued. Invoices are required from the Institution providing the course.

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For further guidance on an application please contact the secretary