The Nightingale Fund

The Nightingale Fund provides financial support towards course fees for post qualification education to nurses, midwives, public health nurses, nursing associates and health care assistants.  

About The Nightingale Fund

The Nightingale Fund is a historically unique charity. Established in 1857, it is the keeper of the original endowment raised as a result of fundraising undertaken for Florence Nightingale towards the end of the Crimean War and continues to support healthcare education in compliance with the original aspirations of Florence Nightingale herself. 

We consider applications from those who are undertaking further education to enhance nursing practice and patient care.

The Council meets 3 times a year in March (16th January), July (15th May) and November (19th September). The closing date for applications is given in brackets.

The Fund has limited resources and is unable to award the full cost of a course thus applicants are strongly advised to apply to other sources of funding additionally.

Each year The Fund is able to help around 25 applicants with their course fees.

How To Apply?


To apply for a grant from The Nightingale Fund please complete the application form (link below) and return it to the Honorary Secretary with a current CV and two references.
The grant application notes provide more details and should be read before applying.

How To Donate

The Nightingale Fund is a small charity with limited funds. We continue to rely mainly on the interest from the original endowment to enable grants to be awarded.

If you would like to help us increase the number of practitioners we can support with their studies, please consider making a donation or leaving a legacy by following the link below. 

Trustees and Council Members

The Nightingale Fund is run by its passionate team of trustees and council members.